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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Why I've been silent: technology. I blame technology.

So, a long time ago I lost the cable that connects my camera to computers. That's bad, because my camera battery is running out. Also, I lost my camera for a while. It's a little point and shoot, but it gets the job done.

 Then I found my camera. Win! All I have to do is pop the SD card into the slot on my laptop...

 I went to a conference in April to present my paper on interoperability measurement in systems of systems.
Shameless plug for my papers:
IEEE SysCon 2012: Addressing interoperability in military systems-of-systems architectures
IEEE SysCon 2013: A Reliability-Based Measurement of Interoperability for Systems of Systems

Anyway, that was the last time that I used my laptop at home, because usually I just use my iPad (best Christmas gift ever, thanks Mom and Dad!). So I don't know where the charger went, and I couldn't upload the pictures.

Fast forward to July: I'm on the phone with my Dad, talking about how he found something he lost by remembering where he used it last. While still on the phone, I rummaged around in the conference swag computer bag and found my laptop charger! SUPER WIN!!!

And now you have pictures to look forward to. And maybe even regular posting.

HA! We have seen how that works out. Well we can always hope, right? It's not like I'm working on a thesis or anything.

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