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Monday, February 25, 2013

*PAUSE* until camera is located

Mini-update: I lost my camera. I can't find it. It's just a little point and shoot but I can't remember for the life of me where I put it! My cell phone is just not sufficient for taking photos in low light, so until I find my camera I won't be doing any picture posts.

Here's a bit of what Chris and I did this weekend, though!

On Friday, I gave eggs to my boss for his birthday. Apparently he didn't know I have chickens, so he was like "What is up with the eggs?" I explained, and hope he enjoyed some delicious omelets or something this weekend. 

Our friend arranged a surprise birthday party for his wife - so sweet! He invited lots of people to come paint together at a local place called The Funky Paintbrush. Everyone paints the same basic picture but you can add personal tweaks. Here are two other friends, Ashley and Tina, working on their collaborative, horizontal-instead-of-vertical masterpiece! 

Another collaborative effort by JT^3. It was hilarious to watch these guys each take turns and discuss how best to proceed with the painting!

Chris and I with our beautiful masterpieces. I added the meteor because someone said my sky looked stormy, like a meteor shower or something. BOOM, done! I kind of wish I had drawn dinosaurs in the background instead of the little trees. 

On Sunday, we worked outside and did laundry. During a laundry break, both cats decided to keep me company. Hula's big fat butt got kind of in the way, though. I couldn't move my left arm. Maui was just tucked next to me in a seam of the cushions. 

Finally, today I took my painting to work and it is hanging on what I hope will grow into a lovely gallery wall!  Part of me is like yayyyy comfy cubicle, and the other part says "don't decorate! you're acknowledging that you'll be here forever! work on your thesis so you can graduate!"

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