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Friday, June 8, 2012

Garden update

Over the past few weeks we've sort of been working on the house, but mostly tending the garden and enjoying summer! Here are a few pics (all from my phone, sorry they're kinda crappy):

We went to the Braves home opener on April 13th:

Jezza got her first lake-swimming day of the year. That $30 waterproof back-seat cover was a great investment.  

Hula decided that her new favorite spot to sleep is Jezza's bed. Jezza looks very confused and only sits on the bed when Hula is there if we specifically tell her to. They're not exactly cuddle buddies yet.

Ok, gardening stuff finally! This is what I picked last night. Green beans in the front, snow peas in the middle, and beans/peas we've picked over the past 3 days in the back. Sauteed green beans and peas, yum!

This is our little planter box. The mints are doing well (they're in the blue buckets to keep them from spreading). The lavender (foreground) has one or two flowers. I hope it'll get much bigger as it settles into its new home. We have some sunflowers, but the one in the foreground got hit by a frisbee or something and got chopped in half and died. Maybe the ants crawling on them ate through the stalk? I don't know. I hit another one with a frisbee and managed to save it, though. 

 The pepper plants are doing ok. I want to try spraying them with epsom salts. Pinterest says that helps flowers and thus yields more peppers. There's a single pepper growing in the middle right of the pic. 

The beans are very leafy, and it is hard to see the growing green beans, but there are two on the right. If you leave them for a few days, you end up with a handful! It's amazing what 2 square feet can grow!

The snow peas have grown past the trellis and bird netting, so it's easier to pick the peas now. The snap peas are still producing, but more slowly, and are only about halfway up the trellis. I think I'll plant snow peas on the cherry tomato trellis in the fall; they'll have plenty of space there.

We have little baby squash! Or squishes, as we like to call them because we are weird. This plant now actually has two crookneck squash, the other squash plant has one, and one of our two* zucchini plants has a baby zucchini growing.

The tomatoes are starting to produce too. Oh it's so exciting, because I have never successfully grown tomatoes before. This is the roma tomato plant; the flower on the left has since turned into a baby tomato, too.

Here are the cherry tomatoes; they're Sweet 100 variety. Each little stalk has 6 or 7 flowers, and the tomatoes grow biggest closest to the main stem. They're so cute. Gah I love baby fruits and vegetables!

Because tomatoes like lots of sun and lots of water, I made this PVC drip sprayer. It was super cheap and super easy. I used this instructable and modified the measurements to fit my space. We're going to make a stick waterer for the peas and another prong-type one for the peppers.

The PVC has a quick-connect ending that attached to the garden hose leading from our new rain barrel. Now we have two! The other barrel was on the other side of the house and it was a pain to lug the watering can over from the other side of the deck. For this new one we also got a fancy diverter instead of just chopping off the gutter above the barrel. The gutter near the garden goes into black landscaping pipe underground so we didn't want to mess with that. We'll let you know how the diverter works.

When I said two* zucchini, this is what I was referring to. We have two zucchini in the garden beds, but somehow there is a zucchini growing in the middle of the yard. It is doing ok; it's not as big as the ones planted in compost, but we're going to leave it be and see what happens. It's kind of tough to keep Jezza from trampling it as she sprints after the frisbee though. 

I guess this isn't gardening related because we haven't grilled any of our own vegetables yet, but we're enjoying our grill already and looking forward to picking a zucchini and slapping it on the grill, or roasting some fresh bell peppers, or skewering some Sweet 100 cherry tomatoes! 

Oh and here's some other stuff I baked. Fresh peach crumble - recipe from my trusty dusty Southern Living Cookbook from 1987. This is one of my mom's favorite cookbooks, and has the crepe recipe my dad uses (pg. 86, I believe). I snagged one for myself when I saw it in Half Price Books in Houston a few years ago. It has a recipe for squirrel fricassee. Basically it is an all-around awesome cookbook.
Anyway I made this when Chris' dad was in town. He loves fresh peaches so it was great that I had an opportunity to make this because I love fresh peaches, but Chris doesn't, and it's nice to share desserts with people who appreciate them .

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