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Monday, September 12, 2011

OMG COFFEE seriously it makes me hyper

Hey, I keep meaning to update this but I keep forgetting to take the pictures off of Chris' camera and put them into the Dropbox folder so I can edit/update from work (haha I am so glad I am not salaried technically and so I can work a "full week" of 13-15 hours and still have time to sit at my desk) and oh my gosh this is a run-on sentence.

I promise that I will update with pictures. Bullet summary:
  • We got married! ... almost a month ago. Well like 3 weeks ago. And the house has been cluttered with leftover stuff and gifts (oh such a hardship) ever since. It's slowly getting better. We're still not done writing thank you notes though =(
  • I bought a nice solid wood dresser off of craigslist and I'm almost done refinishing it. It's really cool; I used a radiator grill as a stencil that just happens to match the pendant shade over the dining room table. Bwahaha. It's curing outside; I poly'd (polied? polyed?) it on Saturday and I want it to be totally not-tacky when I put the drawers in. Yesterday we got drawer pulls using some Home Depot gift cards. They are super snazzy! Then we'll move it into the living room where we will store dining stuff and other things.
  • Chris is doing an awesome job tiling the bath/tub surround in the master bathroom. We got this fancy travertine tile on sale at The Tile Shop at $3/square foot plus an extra 10% discount because of http://www.younghouselove.com/. Yay! It's really pretty. Pictures would help a lot here. 
  • We demolished the closet in the master bedroom. Well actually, we took down the walls blocking the closet from the room. It's a 5 foot wide closet that had a 2' door. It's shallow, so it was really hard to get the clothes in the back corners. Not that we've ever had clothes in it, but this is our experience with the closet in the guest bedroom (currently our bedroom). Anyway we are taking out the front walls so it is open to the room. We will hang a curtain in front. It's not like our clothes will be on display when you open the door though because the door to the bedroom actually opens to hide half of the closet. Anyway the closet looks huge, and we're going to get a 5' closet kit from Home Depot like this: 
and it will be awesome. 
  • Finally, there are a bunch of little projects that happen here and there. Chris and I are going to start building my mountain bike together. The fall weather is just setting in, where it kind of gets cool in the evenings, and it's going to be sooooo nice to have a lightweight bike! 
  • We got a TV as a wedding present (it's not here yet though) and maybe I can actually get cable before the fall TV season is too far underway! Maybe. If the stars and planets align just right. NBC and ABC (and HGTV!) have iPad apps where I can watch new episodes easily, and Lifetime has Project Runway online, but oh man to just flop on the couch and watch tv... it's something I took for granted. I miss it. 
  • The week before we got married we got a new stove from the Sears outlet. It was about $250 off of full price because it was a floor model. It had no scratches or anything! Well, until we scraped up the side when taking it home sideways in the back of Chris' FJ. Fortunately, I just sanded it down and we had to run to Home Depot anyway to get a new power cord for it and so I picked up some black enamel and it looks almost as good as new. I had actually forgotten about the scratches until I wrote this, so that's good. The enamel made a nice smooth shiny coat, and I doubt any future house purchasers will notice. The stove is awesome; it's still electric, but it has a smooth glass cooktop, and the two front burners have variable sizes, and the oven is convection, and it has a closed bottom so the heating element isn't exposed. Overall, it is very easy to clean, and it satisfies my OCD because now all of our appliances are updated Maytags and they all have the same buttons for "on" and "off" and it is awesome. I no longer feel like I have this brand new kitchen but a junky old stove with only 3 of its burners and a nasty dirty oven. Yay! Oh it's so nice. It really is. 
Ok those bullets were really long. I'm terrible at bullet-ed lists. I should do actual work now that it is almost 9 am. I'm never going to graduate if I never work on my thesis! Or work on finding a thesis... Right. Hmm maybe I should drink more coffee? *twitch*

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