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Sunday, May 1, 2011

This weekend: potting bench & pegboard organization!

This week, my Kreg Jig came in the mail. It makes pocket holes soooo easy! So before I use it to make the console table for behind the sofa, I wanted to learn how to use it properly. Also, there was a potting bench plan on Ana White's website, and it used pocket holes to attach the shelf boards to the supports. Here's the plan:

I used treated wood, and bought some 2" and 2.5" coated deck screws (and then Chris bought a 5-lb box of deck screws later, womp womp). The wood was probably $30 (plus interior primer for the office at $15, and another $15 for the screws makes the total bill about right).
I cut all of the pieces, but alas, Chris had taken his impact driver and both batteries to Blankets Creek to help with a trail there, and I was drill-less. I did have my Black and Decker drill, but its battery was dead, and even after charging it, the highest torque setting was barely enough to drill a hole successfully.

Anyway, that's when I started organizing the tool shed part of the garage. It had gotten a little messy, and I felt we needed to clear the table top and cabinets and start over. I also wanted to build some shelves into the exposed studs to store paint cans, so I made the measurements and started cutting for that.

Chris finally returned, bringing his batteries, and work on the potting bench eventually resumed. Chris helped me finish it, and it is very sturdy! I'll eventually put it out by the rain barrel out back. That's the side of the house where we'll eventually put a vegetable garden, so I think it will be very convenient.

Anyway, I didn't take any pictures of stuff in progress; only after it was dark outside and we'd closed the garage door did I remember. So I'll just add them here without further ado. And if anyone reading this ever comes over to the house, you will know exactly where to find whatever pliers, saw, caulk, tape, or other tool that you need.

Paint shelves, immediately opposite the door to the storage room. All made using scrap 2x4s taken from the studs of the house.

Our old kitchen cabinets, freshly reorganized! Also the great shelves that Chris built to hold all of his cased tools. They're all labeled too. Mmmm labels.

Reorganized paint and drywall shelves, with other salvaged shelves for spraypaint and paint samples.

Mmmm perfectly organized tools. This totally indulged my latent OCD tendencies.

All of our handy, most frequently used tools in one convenient place! 

Safety and saws. Never misplace your safety glasses, respirators, earmuffs, or Sawzall again! 

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