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Monday, April 4, 2011

Quick update

This is kind of a summary of the last two weeks, as I am aware.

Chris has been busy continuing work under the house on the HVAC system, and cutting down annoying little trees in his free time. We have quite a wood pile going, and he's burned the brush a few times too. There's a cool pic of him and Jezza in front of one fire that is pretty cute.

I ordered a bunch of stuff online and it finally arrived! I also got some stuff at Ikea.
- We bought a rug for under the dining room table (this one, 5'5"x7'7" in medium brown)
- I got a leather storage bench from Overstock. It's actually REAL leather (not bonded or bicast or any of the other fake ones, sorry PETA). It's huge, and is a great seat for the table. This way we'll get 4 dining room chairs and have a bench keeping it open near the front door. We can sit on it to take off shoes or whatever, and store shoes, hats, gloves, blankets, etc. inside.
- Also from Overstock, I ordered these steel chairs for the kitchen table. They're knockoffs of the Emeco Navy chair, which is > $400 a chair. Ummmm no thanks. These came out to about $70 a chair, which is still expensive, but they are super-sturdy and should last a long time. In the pictures that I'll try to post tonight, you'll see there are only 3. Two of the plastic foot inserts on the 4th chair were broken, but Overstock was good about getting replacements. Then we'll get soft rubber stick-on feet for them too, just to make sure there are no scrapes.
-Finally, the chairs will go around this Ikea table that we are still planning to put a butcher block top on. First, we need a router and a Kreg jig. That will allow us to cut out the top from one of Ikea's countertops ($59, sweet!) and fasten the two semi-circles together from below using pocket-holes. Then we'll just bolt the new tabletop onto the base! (I hope it's actually that easy)

Also this past weekend, I started tiling the backsplash in the kitchen. I have 3 sheets left to put up, but I ran out of mortar. I'll post pictures of the progress so far later (I have them, they're just on my laptop, and I'm currently on my work computer).

And speaking of work, I should really go study because quals are this Friday. Commence freaking out. Jk, I'm in a good mental state. And then, finally, I will be able to focus on the house (and um wedding planning too?) a lot more instead of having this exam nightmare hanging over my head.

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