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Monday, March 7, 2011

Ahhh Kitchen Floor!

Last week, I told Chris and myself that THIS WAS THE WEEKEND. This was the span of two days in which we would finish tiling the kitchen floor.
That's right. It's been sitting, incomplete and forlorn, for who knows how many months. At first, the logical excuse was "let's wait until we figure out what we're doing with the patio door". Now that the door had been replaced, there was nothing holding us back! We had also picked up extra tile at Floor, Decor & More as backup. We ended up having about a full box left, which is good in case we ever need to do future repairs. But, I get ahead of myself.

Anyway, on Saturday morning, Chris did all the set-up: hooking up the tile saw, mixing the thin-set, and showing me how to put the thin-set on the tile. He had been putting it on the floor, but the lady at The Tile Shop had told us in the little hour-long clinic that "buttering" the tile was ok if you were a beginner and not doing a lot at a time. So I started with that method, and we soon had a good system going. Chris would measure and cut the tiles, and I would lay them, really wiggle them into place, and place the grout spacers. Using that, we got a lot of the full tiles in, and starting filling around the edges. Eventually, we ran out of thin-set and called it a night.

On Sunday, we continued. By the time I got up to the house, Chris had gotten more thin-set and we were ready to go. It was a pretty quick job, and so now... wait for it... IT IS DONE.

... well, at least we're done laying the tile. Tonight Chris went back and sawed the thin-set from between the grout lines. Tomorrow he'll finish that and maybe grout. Yayyy so exciting! Then we'll seal it and then HAVE A KITCHEN TABLE!!! Ahhhhsdfksdjfskdfj;afjalsdkfj you can't even begin to understand my excitement. I guess it's mostly symbolic. Like, this is something that has just been sitting there unfinished for so long, and it feels so good to have said "I'm going to finish this. Let's do it." and then to actually do it and finish it. And it'll allow us to make the kitchen even more complete, and put in the breakfast table, and order chairs, and all that good stuff. I really want to be able to move in eventually, ya know, 'cause we're getting married and that's what married people do, and this is just another step in that process.

Also sorry about the lack of pictures; once again they are on Chris' camera. I really need to find mine and start bringing it so I can process them more quickly.

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