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Monday, February 28, 2011

We have ze sofa!

And once again, we had the sofa a long time ago. It was delivered and assembled last Sunday. Buuuuut here are the pictures!

Hula checks out the pile of boxes. I think this is the loveseat section and the corner seat, and the end armrests.

Here we have another box, this time with the sofa section in it. Check out Chris' new computer, hanging out on the dining room table. Eventually it will have a home in the office. Ya know, once the floor in there is finished and it's painted and everything. 

Chris was out mountain biking, so I started sorting the seat cushions.

I arranged the biggest sections in their eventual layout. 

And then tried to figure out which covers go with which cushions.

Then I was able to put the covers on the base sections before Chris got back. He helped me set the sofa and loveseat in place. They hook onto the corner seat. It's pretty clever, and I am once again impressed with Ikea's furniture engineers.

Chris puts the last cover on the last cushion.

And ceremoniously lays it in place! 

The sofa is perfect for Chris to stretch out in one direction, and for me to take the other. It will be comfy. 

Now we just have all of these boxes to deal with! Chris has been cutting them up and stuffing them in the recycling bin. It's slow, but they're all out of the garage now I think. 

Ahhhh, the finished couch. Let us bask in its dark gray, non-scratching-post texture, expansive sofa-ness. Also I love my coffee table! Maybe it can stay black. 


  1. Hi,
    I am considering purchasing this sectional. After three years of ownership, how has it held up? Would you purchase again? Also, is this the Sivik dark grey color?


    1. Hi Bree, it has held up great! I'm actually sitting on it right now. It vacuums really easily (we have a pet attachment for our handheld), and the cats (I have 2 now) haven't scratched it much at all. They much prefer the dining chairs. The memory foam seats are comfy; the back cushions require occasional plumping, especially where squashed by Hula, but other than that, super! I'm lusting after a leather couch but this will definitely stay around like in a basement movie area someday.
      Hope that helps :)

    2. Thanks!! This helps a lot. I was also eyeing the Leather Karlstad sofa with chaise. Aaah decisions decisions!