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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Sofa Dilemma

I am totally not being productive at work today, so here goes another post! 

After getting in the rug, we had a better idea of how much space our living room can take up. It has to share space with the dining table and chairs. I have decided that I want to go for the full Ikea sectional add-on to my current sofa, so I got the dimensions of that (and everything) off of Ikea's website and plopped it into a to-scale floor plan:
  • The fireplace isn't an actual fireplace; it'll be a mantle and bookshelves that I build out of plywood and MDF. It'll be 2' deep at the most; the side shelves will only be a foot deep. It will have a fireplace-shaped hole in the middle, but we'll put candles or a houseplant in there. 
  • The sofa table behind the sectional will probably be made out of a 1 or 2x12 board, 8 ft or maybe even 10 ft long. I'll slap some legs on it and it'll be a nice place for lamps, books, drinks, and - who am I kidding - for Hula to climb on and look out the front windows. 
  • Currently I have my old entertainment center sitting behind my 3-seater sofa.  Right now it's on its side (2 cubbies tall, 4 wide), between the sofa and the dining table. It will become part of my desk ensemble in the office. I might get the white desk and paint the shelves a fun color, though. The brown-black is awfully heavy-looking. 

  • We already have the dining table, but still need to get the chairs. I'm thinking about some different options, but I really like the Ikea Henriksdal chairs. I might dye the white covers or order slipcovers from an online website like Bemz but cheaper. They'll have to go with the sofa, too (not match, but go, you know what I mean?)

Anyway, more about the sofa! The slipcovers at Bemz are really expensive. Slipcovers are available other places, but I don't like their selection. I could get the white cover and dye it, but that would be a lot of work. Ikea's choices are always limited, but they're even more limited for me because now I know that everything "Korndal" = cat scratching post. I had a Korndal blue chair cover and a Korndal green sofa cover, and both are shredded. Also, Korndal makes me want corn dogs. Go figure.
Now, before you freak out about the price, know that it includes the slipcovers, and that I already own the 3-seater sofa. That means I would just have to buy the loveseat and the corner chair add-on that connects them.

What is also super-awesome about this sofa is that it is super-comfy and will be super-long. For several weeks, Chris has been sleeping on the sofa because his bedroom got too cold. When he removes the back cushions, it's essentially a twin-sized bed and he can stretch out and everything. So with the corner seat, the loveseat side would be as long as the current sofa and face the fireplace, and the current sofa side would be 9.25' (111") long and would be perfect for stretching out and reading or watching tv. 

To cement my love of this sofa I already have, my renovating role models, Young House Love, bought the same sectional + chaise for their new house. In the charcoal color. I'm totally not copying them, because I had decided to get this before they made this post: http://www.younghouselove.com/2011/01/sectional-hunting/
Even though they had actually purchased the sectional weeks before, I didn't know about it, so I'm not copying. Besides, who cares if I copy? Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery!

Now I just have to pick a color. I'm leaning towards the charcoal, because it looks the least crappy next to the rug: 
The paint chips on the left are ones that kind of go with the color in the kitchen, and Cappuccino White is what we're thinking about painting the walls in the living room/dining room/hallway to the bedrooms right now, and Malted is the color of the rug I got, which was Martha Stewart Living, and her paint line also has a color called Malted. 

Here's my crazy paint network, based on what colors the Glidden paint chip suggested as coordinates:
I started with Spring Cactus (the color in the kitchen) and branched from there. There was some lavender thrown in, but not a lot of blue. So I have a whole 'nother network with the Martha Stewart chips, which is more muted and soothing. Also, the ones labeled "yhl" are where I took suggestions from Young House Love again (I'm totally not obsessed with their style, ok) and worked backward until I got to a paint color I already had. Does any of that make sense? Well whatever, here's a paint network that will give us ideas for painting stuff. 

Also my school computer is low on RAM and is having a hard time with these pictures and links. Pathetic. I've talked long enough anyway. If anyone is reading this, let me know if you think the charcoal sofa is the way to go! Thanks =)

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