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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Fireplace plans

It's freezing across most of the US today (even Houston! people are freaking out!) so I will think warm thoughts with how I'm going to build the fireplace/mantel for the living room. It's going to provide a focal point for the room, as well as shelving for books and entertainment center stuff.

I made this model in SolidWorks (because I am an engineer). The different colors denote different dimensional lumber widths. Well actually, purple is just plywood, and yellow is 1x12 but maybe in a different material like an oak countertop from Ikea, ripped to width.

Green is 1x10, pink is 1x12, and most of the blue is 1x2. The thicker blue trim at top and bottom is 1x4. Also, technically 1x means 0.75" thick, but because this is going to be painted, I won't need to use stain-grade wood and can use plywood and mdf instead (or just splurge on the wood for the trim).
I figured out the layouts such that I only need 3 sheets of whatever, but if I do use different materials, that will change.

Anyway, I guess it's only a foot and a half deep in the middle, with the 6" shelf in front of the 12" main structure. The bookcases will be on either side (only one is shown in the picture) and may or may not have doors. There will also be a little gap at the back where we can run cables down from the tv (above the mantel) into the right bookshelf for all of our entertainment stuff.

I'm excited to taking this project on with Chris sometime, but for now our priorities are finishing the bathroom and kitchen. But now you know what's in the works!

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