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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Beige: the dilemma

While we're doing this whole clean-up-the-living-room thing, we are also looking forward to repainting it. Right now, it is beige. We are going to repaint it... another beige color. But it is surprisingly tricky to choose just the right shade of tan! (I got sick of saying beige. Say it lots of times in a row... beige, beizh, bayzh, baysh, blahhhhhh)

And we want the living room wall color to go with the rest of the house, so this involves thinking about what color the other bedrooms, the master bedroom, and new bathroom are going to be. I already explained how I started with the Glidden colors:
I went and got an extra swatch of Cappuccino White, plus some other beige-y samples that I liked in the store. I taped them up next to the bathroom molding.
Top to bottom: something too white, something too pink, Cappuccino White, Natural Linen, something too yellow)

It turns out I already had a sample tester of Cappuccino White from when I was trying to match the color on my old apartment walls (to patch the holes from picture frames, etc). So I put that in the middle. I liked Natural Linen too, so that's the bottom square of paint. It's definitely less white and more beige, and very close to the existing wall color. The current color is a little more pink. Finally, the top paint square is from Marth Stewart's paint collection, which has the most ridiculous names. Ever. Actually, they're not too bad, just centered around food and random natural elements. Anyway, "Gull" is the beige swatch touching the green swatch in this picture:

 Those are all Martha Stewart paints, and they give you a suggested ceiling and woodwork/trim color, so that dictates what other swatches they're touching. We started with the green because it's the closest match to the kitchen. It looks really apple-y in these pics, but you'll just have to trust me. The white balance is totally off.
So while I was getting the beige paint samples, I also got samples of "Spring Melt" and "Rainwater", which are the light blue touching the green and the darker blue-green touching the light blue. 
I thought they would look great in the master bedroom, because we are planning to do a gray duvet cover in the winter and a cream or white quilt in the summer.
I put them in two squares on the master bedroom wall (no pictures yet, alas) and really liked the darker Rainwater for the walls, and thought maybe we could paint the ceiling Spring Melt (the lighter, white-blue). We could also do Spring Melt in the bathroom and keep it nice and light in the smaller room. I'll still keep looking for colors, though. I'm always looking.
The reason I had to go away from Glidden was because Glidden really does more rich, saturated, pure-hue colors, and Martha Stewart's are more muddy and subdued. And Behr is just expensive. I might check out Lowe's no-VOC Olympic Premium too. YHL uses it, but they are a lot more hardcore about chemicals and fumes and organic stuff and that sort of thing than we are.

Anyway, the paint search will continue. We like Cappuccino White, but I would like something darker, but a different tint than Natural Linen. I think we might have to get the sectional first, or at least the cover, and see how it looks before picking a wall color. I will check out Lowe's (even though we are pretty fiercely loyal to our friends at the big Orange), and we'll see what happens!


  1. I used Behr's (at least I think it was Behr's, we had it color matched) Moose Mousse in my bedroom and I love it. Its very beige, but a sandy tone, doesn't make me think blah, especially with the black and purple I used with it for other room accents. In the bathroom we went with Martha's Potter's Clay plus an accent wall. It's more grayish making it very neutral to me as I like to makeover the bathroom every year or so b/c its a simple update to do!

  2. Thanks for the info! I think I actually have a swatch of Potter's Clay. Ultimately, all the actual paint colors look slightly different from the swatches and change in different lights, but I ordered the sectional sofa today so at least next week I can see what looks good with the gray sofa.
    I haven't even thought hard about the bathroom yet! Ack!