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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Pantry makeover!

Hello hello!

This week I finally ordered more shelves for our stock cabinets. Home Depot doesn't sell extra shelves, so you have to call the distributor. I got one more for the dishware cabinet and 2 more for the pantry cabinet next to the fridge.

Even with the added storage in the cabinets, it will be nice to have the pantry shelves finished. This is the small closet in the hallway, across from the door into the kitchen by the fridge.
It backs up to the ductwork, and used to have some wood shelves, held up by crown molding, covered in this awful 80's contact paper. First, we had to cut some thin (.25") masonite to fit over the ducting insulation. We can't nail into it, so we used liquid nails to glue 2 pieces to the back and one to the ceiling.

Next, I figured out how much shelving we would need and got 2 8' lengths of 1x10 pine. I also got some 1x2s to use as supports, again because we can't nail brackets or anything into the back wall of ducting.  Here the boards are being primed and painted in the garage.

 Next, we had to cover up the drywall where the crown molding was removed. I used this awesome spackle recommended by Young House Love. It works like drywall mud, but is much easier to use!

 Before I focused on the walls, I primed the masonite on the back wall and removed the thermostat. The wiring for the thermostat just ran along the door molding inside of the closet, which was unacceptable. We're moving the thermostat down the hall anyway, so it's closer to the bedrooms. Mostly I think that was because it was convenient to rewire while the master bathroom walls are all opened up.

So as the closet currently stands, it's been primed and painted and spackled, baseboard has been added at the bottom, the shelves are painted and dried, and I just need to paint the trim and install the shelves! Chris might have already done that today, I don't know. I need to go to the grocery store to get stuff to make a spinach-artichoke dip for his friend's housewarming party tonight, and then I'll head up there and help out (without getting dirty, so I don't have to use the yucky shower in the cold, and not have a blow dryer, and bring a change of clothes). 

But yay pantry! This is where Jezza's food thingy will be stored, and all my baking stuff and extra spices will be, and probably canned foods and whatnot. The kitchen has tons of storage already, but this is just extra! 

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