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Thursday, December 9, 2010


I'm terrible at post titles. This one is pretty self-explanatory.
After the bathtub was installed, Chris and David began constructing the drain system for the tub and toilet.

Here's the toilet flange in place.

And an expanded view of that wall. The vanity will be to the left, out of the frame of the picture; then we have another roof vent (which now actually goes through the roof), and the toilet will be facing us. 

Here's the fancy tub drain. This tub has a special slotted drain, which was $100 (boo!) but looks really nice (yay!). Chris says he could technically take a bath now if he wanted, but he would have to haul buckets of hot water from the other bathroom, and step over the big hole that is still in the floor right in front of the door, and he would have to be especially careful to watch for splinters in his bare feet. So maybe it'll be a while before he takes a bath. Oh, the reason he can't now is because there is no drain stopper in the other bathroom. 

Next, gratuitous pictures of Hula. 

She looks so happy in her cute little sweatshirt!

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