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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Bathroom reno update

I'm bored at work, so I'm going to update! (Seriously, though, Thursday is a dead day right now)

We last left our heroes fixing the rotted joists in the master bathroom. After that, they put down subfloor and turned their attention to more demolition. Their next target: the ceiling.
As always, click on the photo to enlarge to full-size.

When they were done, the attic was fully exposed, along with its tangle of poorly planned wiring. 

Now that the ceiling was exposed, they figured out where to put the wall that will hold the plumbing for the tub/shower. (We had the tub by this time, so they could make exact measurements). 

The first picture shows a dry fit. They needed to add some cross-stud-truss-thingies in order to secure the wall. The second picture shows a different view, but the wall is still not nailed in place or anything.

Before the wall was put into final position, they brought the tub into the room to make sure they got it exactly right. It was a tight fit, but they won! It's too bad I don't have any pics of the tub in place (with the new window, too, btw). It's really pretty.

Next, Chris got to insulate the walls (for noise as well as temperature control). The next step was to put in the sheetrock for the ceiling. They tried to put it in just on the trusses, but there were clear waves. It needed more support, so I went to Home Depot (my role was go-fer for most of the weekend) and picked out some nice, straight 1x4s. This dropped the ceiling a little bit, but it is negligible in the grand scheme of things. In the second picture above, you can also see the new PVC vent pipe in the wall and the old vent hole in the roof.

I'm going to make new posts for the plumbing pictures and for the recessed-light-and-vent-fan pictures. I might also throw in some cat-in-a-holiday-shirt pictures for giggles.

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