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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Dining room table - check!

We're really trying to make the house seem more like a home and not just a box under construction. Now that the major dust in the kitchen has cleared, we've brought out my big Ikea couch, my old tv stand (now turned sofa table), and we have a rug for the living room area.

The next thing to tackle was a place to eat. Since May, Chris has had to eat sitting on the couch, or I guess standing over the sink or in his car on the way to work or something. We had decided we liked Ikea's pine Stornas table in dark brown, and just had to figure out the size. I taped out the larger table size, with the logic that later we might want a bigger table, and this one would not overpower the room.
I told Chris to not walk into the blue rectangle so he could get a feel for pathways when there was a table in the way. I don't know if that worked, but in the end we decided the bigger table (6-10 seats, 2 leaves) was too big and we went with the smaller, 4-6 seater with just one leaf. It's in those boxes leaning up against the windows on the left.
So, last Saturday, while Chris started wiring lights into the crawl space, I assembled the table!
I am consistently impressed with Ikea's ingenuity. It was easy to assemble and the sheer simplicity of the leaf storage system brought tears to my engineer eyes. The leaf stores underneath the table, and can't fall out even if you're moving the table. To expand the table, you just un-click the gray fasteners (you can see them in the photo above) and pull the two halves of the table apart. They slide on the dark brown rails. Then just lift the leaf out, line up the pegs, push the halves back together, and re-click the gray fasteners! 
If that didn't make sense or you just said TL;DR (too long; didn't read), just know that Ikea is awesome. 

And here is the finished table:
Yay! It has nice sturdy legs, is solid pine (cheaper wood, but fine for us), and we'll easily be able to put 4 chairs and a bench around it. The bench will go on the side nearer the door, so we can use it to put on our shoes or whatever when going out the door. 
In the background, you can see the entertainment center-turned-sofa table, the green couch, and wayyy back there are some black and brown coffee tables and a black couch.

Eventually we'll sell the black couch, but maybe we'll keep it in the office or something. The sofa table is mehh... it worked fine for my previous apartment, but I might sell it on craigslist too and find something else to stick a lamp on and store DVDs in. The red doors definitely need to change color; I don't know whether to paint them or wrap them in fabric or paper or something. The green couch cover will be replaced with a tan one that maybe Hula won't scratch up as badly. You can kind of see the damage in this old picture:
Note the claws, extended, gripping the couch, as well as the absolutely shredded area beneath her. Fortunately, Ikea sells lots of covers at reasonable prices! I think a less nubbly fabric (yes, nubbly is a word, spellcheck) will seem less like a scratching post to her. At least, I hope it will be. Anyway...

I also don't know whether to put a rug down yet. 
Pros: prevents scratches from chair legs on floor
Cons: much harder to clean up messes (I spill stuff... a lot... I am clumsy)

So now the hunt is on for dining room chairs. I'll put up a few options later (like, after I pass quals in 2 weeks?) as well as post an update on the kitchen table solution. We know what we want to do there, but it'll probably be a while before that happens. The important thing is, Chris can eat his dinner at a table now! Yay! 


  1. We just bought this same table, and my husband put it together tonight. I like the way it looks. Ours is in the antique stain. I am wondering about how "stain proof" it is. Does it pick up stray water marks when you put a glass on it and forget the coaster? Does it need to have furniture polish on it now and then? The IKEA website says wipe with a damp cloth and dry. Sounds too easy. Hope to hear from you. I found your blog doing a google search for care of Stornas tables. I also have a blogspot blog which you are more than welcome to check out at www.rebysweightlossjourney.blogspot.com.

  2. I believe that it is prone to water stains if you don't use coasters, but I'm not 100% sure about that. I typically keep everything on some form of a moisture absorbent base. The stain is covered by some form of a poly finish. The damp cloth route probably works, but I assume the furniture polish will not hurt the poly finish. The only thing about this table is that it is made from pine, meaning that you will easily pick up dings and scratches. I think it gives the table character in the long run, but people that are accustomed to a hardwood surface like oak may have issues with that. So far, the table has held up well. The design is very solid. My only other dislike about the table is that where the two halves meet, there is a tendency for dust and crumbs to gather. The solution to this is just to pull the table apart when you are cleaning it and wipe down the length of the two halves. Annie can probably add more to this, but these are my observations to date.

  3. We also just bought the Stornas table in the natural wood stain. Now that you have had the table for awhile, have you found that the wood gets water stained and dinged pretty easily?


  4. We don't really use it as a dinner table, more like a dumping space since it's near the front door. We do use coasters on it, so water stains haven't been a problem, and we tell ourselves that dings give it character. Because it is thick, solid wood, we will be able to sand it down and restain it someday.