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Thanks for reading our silly little blog! As the disclaimer says, we aren't professionals in either blogging or house stuff, but we try. This is mostly to let our friends and family know what we've destroyed so far in the house. We post irregularly and usually forget to take pictures, so thanks for your patience, and please feel free to comment with your thoughts and suggestions!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

No pictures, but progress

Hi everyone,

There are a whole bunch of pictures sitting on Chris' camera, of the continued tiling of the kitchen, the range sitting in its proper place, and just general progress in general. Unfortunately, I don't have access to them. =(

But here's a bullet point list of what we've done recently:

  • Used the paint sprayer to start painting the cabinet doors
  • Continued filling in the tile and grouting in the main kitchen area - haven't started the breakfast area yet
  • Moved all of my kitchen/living room stuff from my apartment to Chris' house, plus lots of boxes just stacked in a bedroom
  • Moved Hula and my parakeets to the house. I miss cuddling with her =(
  • Shaved Jezza (or buzzed, but still she's a patchy, funny-looking dog now)
  • Cut a cat door (aka big hole) in the bathroom closet door so we can give Hula litter box and food access in there. Trimmed it with quarter round and a thin piece of poplar so there's a ledge she steps into.
  • Started looking in earnest for living room rugs so we can start setting up a nice living room, now that most of the appliances are out of it (except for the new dishwasher)
  • Killed all of the vegetables, it seems. I think the beans are still going though. 

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