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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Bathroom Kitty Door

The master bathroom has been out of operation since we bought the house, but our small tear down to assess the wiring and plumbing has left the room completely off limits until I can finish the kitchen and get started on that work. In the mean time, we are using the 2nd bathroom (which will mainly be a bathroom for parties and I suppose it will work as a guest bath, but it is all the way down the hall, past the kitchen and into the living room). It is a fairly small bathroom and would work better as a half bath, but to keep the house as a 3BR2BA, we will eventually get around to ripping out the cast iron tub and replacing it with a shower pan and glass sliding doors similar to the wonderful bathroom my dad just finished with his add-on. In the mean time, we are pushing to make it livable until we can get the master bath knocked out.

The backup bathroom has a fairly spacious little closet (although the fact that there are two doors in that little space is a bit crowded), but the closet did not have any shelves. It only had several pieces of door molding to hold the shelves in place. We needed somewhere to store cleaning supplies, towels, and most importantly, Hula's food, litter box and water. The next picture shows the bottom of the closet. I apologize for not taking a before photo of the upper section of the closet.

We decided to go with wire shelving because it was fairly inexpensive, came pre-painted, is fairly versatile and it was properly sized for the closet. I took the time to remove the door molding, patch the holes and depressions with drywall mud and paint the closet. The crappy tile job on the floor will have to wait until we get to the bathroom renovation.

The next shot shows the complete wire shelving. I believe this was the ClosetMaid brand. I ended up with 24" for the bottom area, 18" spacing for the next two, a 12" spacing for the top one and then plenty of room above that one for blankets, pillows, etc.

We also wanted a way for Hula to get into the closet for food and other kitty business, so we decided to cut a small square hole in the door and frame it. We will be replacing interior doors over the next few years and we will probably replace the bathroom closet door before we get ready to sell, but for now this seems like a really good solution. The dog can't get to her food, the litter box gets camouflaged and the smell shouldn't be a factor now.

Annie started by drilling holes at the corners of her square, using a jigsaw to cut out the square and framing the square with poplar and quarter round. I think she used a construction adhesive to secure the framing pieces, but I came in behind her and nailed them together with finish nails. The followings shots show the progression of the door.

The trim turned out very well even though the door is already in poor shape. Hula seems to like the improvement and hopefully it serves her well for the next couple of years.

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