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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Wednesday work

Yesterday, I finished a big project and took the afternoon off to go paint some cabinets. Chris continued grouting, and sealed the stuff he'd already laid. So, he'll be able to put the range in in about 2 days, and he put the fridge in place today! Here's a pic he e-mailed me.

For all his fancy schmancy DroidX phone with  camera flash, this is still a blurry cell phone pic. Ha. (I'm not bitter). You can even see his reflection if you look closely.
Right so anyway, the fridge looks awesome in its new home! The cabinet above it will stay open (without doors), probably for display, and the pantry next to it will of course have doors. So that's all pretty exciting. I just need to get my butt in gear now and paint the cabinet doors and figure out the hardware knobs/drawer pull situation, and then tile the backsplash, and of course install the corner countertop, and paint a little more trim, and Chris needs to tile the floor in the breakfast area...
but other than that, we're almost done!
Oh and put the crown molding on top of the cabinets, and install the toekicks, and buy and install a new dishwasher...
Once all that's done, THEN we'll have a finished kitchen.

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