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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Quick update

Since those older photos, we've:

- Finished fitting the cabinets except for the one over the fridge
- Primed and begun painting the walls
- Installed crown molding around the room (still have to do the cabinet tops)
- Built out a panel to cover the end of the dishwasher
- Begun tiling the floor
- Ordered the tile backsplash (should get here tomorrow)
- Ordered the countertops (should get here within a week)
- Prepped all of the cabinet doors for painting with the sprayer (I need to make sure to get a photo of my kick-butt setup, courtesy of This Old House)
- Prepped the toe-kicks and veneer end panels as well

In the planter box,

- The beans have been producing, and we had some fresh green beans. Chris liked them! (shocker, since they're so different from canned beans)
- The zucchini have begun to flower, so some of them should start making veggies soon
- The two tomato plants on the end have grown a lot; the one next to the zucchini is shaded and so not doing as well
- My sunflowers are still alive, and I've staked them a little for more support. Hope they grow to be 10 feet tall!

On craigslist, I found someone who was willing to sell the glass top to their dining table for only $20! (perspective: the same piece of glass would cost $80-$100 new, plus another $75ish for shipping)
We now have a complete, huge, awesome coffee table for $9 (table) + $15 (paint) + $20 (glass) = $44. That's cheaper than my fake-wood Ikea one that is totally falling apart after 2 years. This one will be so much better. Also at a yard sale around the corner I got a wicker chest for $10. It will also be spray-painted probably, and maybe put in the bathroom or something.

I do have pictures, but they're still on my camera and it's bedtime for me so I'll get them later. I hope that when I go up to the house later this week, the tiling is further along and I can take more pictures of that. It looks really good so far, though. Also, I think Chris said he was getting internet Wednesday, so he can start pulling his weight again with this blog. =P

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