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Monday, July 26, 2010

Kitchen Update

I apologize for disappearing like that. I don't think I have posted in months. I have tons of pictures and still not a lot of time, so here goes:

I'll start with the cool work bench that I made with reclaimed plywood and laminate counter tops from the kitchen and treated lumber from the deck. I also made a matching rolling table for my mitre saw but I forgot to get a picture so I will have to include that one at a later point. Other than the screws, this bench was basically free.

I think Annie posted several updated pictures of the kitchen, so I will try to pick up with where she left off. First, I've thrown in a few pictures of hanging the cabinets since we blew through this section while I was without the internet.

In a nutshell, you mark off the bottom edge of the upper cabinets with a level and a straight edge. You can either use a prop, or if you are solo'ing everything, you can temporarily screw some straight sections of 2x4 into the wall to set the base of the uppers on. You then shim the uppers properly and screw them at the top and the base. You follow up with some finish washer/screw combinations inside. The bottoms are similar, but I leveled them by shimming at the four corners. I found the highest point on the floor and started with that cabinet. I think the only cabinet I didn't have installed from Annie's posts was the cabinet shown in the last of the previous photos that goes above the fridge.

You can see the cabinet installed with oak batons on either side and an oak strip below to trim out the cabinet and better fit the large fridge. There is also more completed tiling and the edge paneling for the cabinets have gone up, which Annie appears to be painting.

Now for something exciting... the counter tops had finally arrived! I mounted the 36" short counter and the sink counter in a few evenings. They were actually fairly easy and were along straight sections of wall. I did have to cut some of the trim around the bottom of the opening to the living room because the counter tops did not recess onto the cabinets as the old counter tops did on their respective cabinets. Not a deal breaker though. With a box blade and 40 minutes, I was ready to drop in one of the long sections.

I also went ahead and purchased a 50/50 Kohler double basin (8.5" deep) sink so that I would finally have a half-functioning kitchen. I must warn anyone that tries this on their own. Cutting out the hole for the sink in the laminate is a b&*^%. I felt lucky that I nicked the counter top only a few times. Epoxy took care of the nicks that weren't visible and just needed to be sealed. I haven't come up with a solution for the one small chip that is visible. The next shot is of the basin with everything on except the disposal.

Another warning; putting all of the clips on and clamping down the kitchen sink in small working space is also aggravating. I did get everything hooked up after a mere 4-5 hours, including two Home Depot trips for various PVC adapters. Here is the finished product from below and above.

So now, I at least have running water in my kitchen. Hopefully, by next weekend I will have a fridge and possibly a stove in there as well. I can see the end, even if it is a sad glimmer of false hope. I'll try to do a better job of keeping up with posting now that I have the internet back.

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