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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Garden progress

Hello hello! Before I start doing actual work today, I thought I would share the pics I took of the planter box two weeks ago.

Check it out! A green bean! These have been coming in sporadically, but we collected enough over a week to have them for dinner on Saturday. Nom. 

Squiggly bean.

The tomatoes are lookin' good. They're actually even bigger now, although the one in the middle (the far back of this pic) is shaded by the zucchini and therefore a little smaller than the other two plants. Does anyone know the proper way to stake these? We kinda just stuck the cage in and called it a day. 

Check it out! Zucchini flower buds! This weekend some had already bloomed, but to my knowledge none of them have started making little zucchini yet.

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