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Friday, June 4, 2010

Weekly summary

Hi again,

Sorry we haven't been posting much. It's been a busy last-week-of-Chris'-unemployment.

Last weekend, we worked on the laundry room a lot. We tried to match the drywall pattern on the ceiling, painted the ceiling, installed baseboards and trim, and finally stacked the washer and dryer! Chris plugged them in, leveled them, and we tested that they were balanced by running the rinse/spin cycle. It was really fascinating to watch the front load washer for the first time. I probably sat there for 15 minutes straight.

We hunted around for some Memorial Day deals, and found the cabinets we were buying for 20% off at Home Depot. It was raining, so we bought almost all that we needed and had them store them for us on will call. The ones we didn't buy were the ones over the microwave and fridge. We needed 12" tall ones, but Home Depot only had 15" tall. Lowe's, however, had almost the exact ones in 12" heights, (36x12 and 30x12) so we got those. We'll keep the doors off one and just leave the other the way it is, unless we can find the router bit that makes the edges ever so slightly different.

Anyway, we bought cabinets, and we also found some ceramic floor tile (12" square) for the kitchen. We went to Floor & Decor, which is just a big warehouse where you pick up as many boxes as you need. They're all laid out on pallets. We ended up getting 10 boxes of 17 tiles a box at $0.59 per tile, which works out to roughly $100 for all the kitchen tile. Woo! The pattern on this one is much less noticeable and will look sooooooo much better than the crap they had in there before. Also it matches the backsplash and countertop. I still need to order the countertop. It's only $11/sq.ft. if you don't get it installed.

So, after those victories, we put up drywall in the parts of the kitchen that were done, and Chris is still rewiring a bit in there (just moving stuff out of the way now) before putting the rest up. We also need to get the plumber in there to move the sink, which means we should also start demoing the bathroom. Hm.

Meanwhile, I've been sanding and priming the cabinets in batches as we bring them home. We still have 3 cabinets left (2 to bring home that are already paid for, and one we haven't bought yet). I have a batch to sand, but a lot have already been primed and are just waiting for a paint sprayer to do the final, perfectly smooth and glossy coat of white. It's going to be pretty.

Chris has helped out by using his circular saw, dremel, and wood chisel to cut the center panels out of two doors for wall cabinets. We're going to put panes of glass in there so you can see dishes and glasses. It'll be pretty too.

So I'm sure there's some other stuff; our vegetables have all sprouted, and we're about to thin the beans. The zucchini have already been thinned; they're all growing strongly! Yay! We finished painting the table for outside (the one I was painting pieces of when Chris' family was in town in early May). The new microwave was delivered. I'll let Chris elaborate on his stuff, and we'll try to include pictures. Blogging fail, right here.

Now I'm tired because GT beat Mercer in the 1st regional baseball game of the weekend. Go Jackets! Goodnight.

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