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Monday, June 14, 2010

Weekly Summary (again)

Last week was Chris' first week of work at Lockheed Martin. This means that work on the house has pretty much slowed to a crawl. I still have obligations on campus with research, classwork, and an individual research project, so I can only make it up there 2x or so in a week. 

Still, we have made some progress. Chris got the rest of the drywall up on the outer wall of the kitchen. I finished sanding and started priming the newer cabinets in the garage. Chris even started hanging the corner wall cabinets; that's exciting. 
We still need to pick up those 2 36" base cabs and one 18" base cab, but even though we cleared all the junk out on Friday (rented a Uhaul for ~$30, plus $60ish for the cost of dumping), we immediately used up the open space in the garage. 

Chris also built a work bench using the salvaged kitchen countertop and wood from the removal of the deck benches. We're going to use one of the metal shelves that we got from Walmart a long time ago to hold scrap wood. I think it'll work out really nicely. 

Oh, also our beans were having problems, and so we had to pull 4 of them, but we still have 11 left. I staked the zucchini with 54" tomato cages, so they'll grow up instead of spreading. The tomato plants are still little, but I thinned them and staked them with bamboo. The beans were staked with the same bamboo, just for a little extra support. They're not pole beans, but they're leggier than usual because the wall of the planter is about 8" high, right behind them. I also planted some tomato sprouts and pepper plant sprouts that we got from those Target dollar bin plant kits. I'm shocked they're still alive, and we'll see if we get anything decent out of them. And because the sunflowers I planted by the mailbox got eaten by squirrels, I started another 10 in the pots left over from the original mailbox pansies. They're on the patio table I made, so maybe the squirrels will leave them alone until they get strong enough to go in the ground. 

Our next steps include hanging the rest of the wall cabinets, using the paint sprayer that came in the mail to paint the doors of the cabinets, and then install base cabinets. In order to do the microwave cabinet, first we have to vent. We decided to vent through the roof, but then realized that because the microwave is centered on a stud, we can't put the 3.25"x10" rectangular vent in the wall. It'll have to be outside the wall, which means it'll show above the cabinet. I was ok with that as long as we could paint it to blend with the wall, and not have it stay shiny aluminum. Then there was an issue that the microwave's plug is also on that center wall stud, so we had to think about shifting the vent left or right, or moving the sockets.

So I complained about not using 4" round pipe to get around the plug, and using rectangular ducting until we go through the ceiling.  Chris countered that it would make him have to crawl around in the attic's corner and he would have to cut out the drywall, move the socket, and patch the hole. I eventually won, though, arguing aesthetics and how the round pipe would look so awful, and basically whining a lot. Chris demanded a dinner for his trouble, and I offered 5 dinners and 5 cheesecakes (I was worked up; I maybe should have reduced the number of cheesecakes). So, we'll use rectangular ducting up against the wall to go through the ceiling, switch to 4 inch round and bring it in towards the center of the house once we're in the attic, and go through the roof with the 4" round ducting. That way we'll get an actual outside vent for all the smoke and crap we generate when cooking. 

Right, so, this week Chris will move the plug, patch the drywall, and install the microwave vent, and I'll help hang the upper cabinets and paint the drawer fronts and doors of all of the cabinets. The end!

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