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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Photos, finally!

Hi! I finally took some pictures of the kitchen and the laundry room, and some other stuff too. As always, click on the picture to enlarge it.

Let's begin:

This is our new microwave. It's supposed to go under the cabinet above the range, but for now Chris just needs to be able to heat up some Hot Pockets.

One side of the kitchen. We'll leave this open for now because we need to have a plumber come in and do the stuff for the sink and the dishwasher. The dishwasher will be slightly to the right of the blue switches on the left, and the sink cabinet will start where the speaker cords are hanging down and end where the white trash can is. Then we'll have an 18" cabinet to the right of that for counter space and an in-cabinet slide-out trash can.

The other side of the kitchen. There's our new window, and Chris is doing a very good job of mudding and sanding the new drywall. He's going to hang the rest of the drywall today I think (we picked it up last night), and then we'll be ready to hang our primed wall cabinets. I'll wait to paint the frames until they're on the wall.

On to the laundry room!
Here is the super-awesome panel curtain thingy that we installed. It has room for Hula to get to her litter box (if it ends up in there), and it's sort of translucent with a neat pattern, but blocks you from seeing clothing that is hanging, or laundry hampers, or anything like that. 

Now you can see the new cabinet, hung all the way up at the ceiling, and the metal shelf (same as we're going to put in the kitchen). The washer and dryer are big, but there's definitely room to work. The only sad thing is that the washer door ONLY opens as you see it there. It would be so much better if it opened the other way. Oh well. 

A lovely storage cabinet, courtesy of Ikea. So glad we didn't do the whole kitchen in these laminate boxes. Yuck. But it's ok for the laundry room.

The iron hanger I was talking about. Tucked away in a little nook. 

The track for the panel, showing how it slides out of the way using the hanging metal dowel. 

Uh-oh, someone left his clothes in the dryer. They're going to get wrinkly! Tsk tsk tsk. 

Here are the kitchen cabinets in the garage. All the white is oil-based primer, which will seal the wood against grease stains and provide a really good sticky surface for our gloss paint. The ones on the far side were just sanded.

These short doors are from Lowe's because they had 36x12 and 30x12 wall cabinets for over the fridge and microwave, respectively. The edges have a different router bit finish, but there will only be one pair (over the microwave) so we hope nobody will notice. We're taking the doors off the one over the fridge to use as some sort of open storage display cabinet (like my pretty Le Creuset dutch oven, say)

This is the top of our pantry cabinet, just sanded by our little Dewalt 1/2 sheet pad sander. Behind it is the lazy susan corner cabinet, already primed and ready for action.

As you can see, we're pretty much out of garage space for cabinets, and we still have our 2 biggest base cabinets to pick up, as well as another smaller base cabinet. I'm going to go online right now to reserve the Uhaul trailer for Friday so we can take all the trash to the dump and make room for more cabinets. 

And finally, I ordered the desk that we're going to use as a bathroom vanity. It's solid wood legs and a fiberboard top. We'll need to coat it with poly before I feel safe using it in a bathroom, but it looks really good and is very sturdy; definitely strong enough to hold a sink.

Here you can see Jezza being the placeholder for the toilet. We can put towels or magazines or extra TP or something on the shelves.

Now Jezza is showing you where the sink's plumbing is going to go. The sink will go where a computer would normally go, and we'll have nice pretty pipes beneath it. Even though there will be exposed plumbing, the overall open structure of the desk will make the bathroom feel a lot less closed-in, especially in the middle walkway. Also keep in mind that the wall there next to Jezza's elbow will be gone, so there will actually be a walkway. We still need to demo the bathroom; probably before the plumber comes...

And that's what we've been up to! There is still a LOT of work to be done, but I think we're making progress. After the bathroom is done, all of our big renovation expenses (except for the roof, tree removal, and landscaping) will be behind us. But all of that is ok, because Chris has a job and will actually get paid, for the first time since April! Or maybe the end of April, not sure. Point is, om nom nom cash. 

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