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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Catching up - thrift store table and new fridge

I was taking pictures off of my camera at school yesterday and found a lot that have never made it onto the blog. So, here are a few pictures of the table we scored for less than $9 (+ another $15 in spray paint, and ??? for glass). Then there will be a few of me taking the shipping packaging off the fridge. Mmmm fridge. It's nice.

Without further ado:

Real, solid bamboo coffee table from Goodwill. Note that it is a hexagon.

Despite failing at basic geometry, the people at Goodwill sell things for a good price!

This is after just 1 coat of paint, I think. I ended up adding two more. Shiny black lacquer gives it a more modern look, and if we cover the top with a big glass circle, it'll be a great coffee table with storage and display space underneath.

We're still looking for a glass top. The cost of buying one online and having it shipped is almost $200, which kind of defeats the purpose of buying the cheap table in the first place. What we're trying to do is find glass-top dining tables on sale on craigslist for under $100. Then, it's a bonus if we like the chairs that go with the table, because we can use those in the dining area (with a new table) or on the patio. 

Now for the fridge: 

This is actually all you get, because I look weird in the other pictures. Chris caught me by surprise. But, you can see the awesome bottom-freezer design, the french doors, the big door bins, and all that good stuff. Just trust me, it's a nice fridge and I love it.

Here's a bonus picture of the shelf in the storage area that Chris was building. It's finished now, and is a great place to store all of the power tools in their hard plastic cases. We used the plywood from the old cabinets, and the salvaged wood from taking apart the deck benches and railing.

This is just a bonus picture of Jezza being a weirdo. Actually I think the pink tennis balls are cute, and they're easier to find in the overgrown backyard than the green ones. 

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