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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Bean me up, Scottie!

Hey... I like puns.

Guess what?! Our bean plants are growing pods! Now I just have to get Chris to try to eat them when they mature =)

Here's the planter box overall. Our tomatoes are still tiny, but the beans (back row) and zucchini (in the cages) are doing very well. The beans had some mildew problems when it was really rainy, but they've recovered.

The tomatoes are growing strong. You can see how we tied them to the little stakes to support them. Those will obviously be replaced as they grow, but they do for now. 

The zucchini are flourishing. We have 6 plants in a small space, so we're going to train them to go up the metal tomato cages. The internet says you can do it, so we'll give it a try.

Here are the pods! I think they're pods, at least. They don't look like leaves, or flowers. You can see the spotty leaves damaged earlier, but all the new ones are healthy and green.

Hiding underneath the zucchini, where we had to pull the dead bean plants, we've planted some peppers and another tomato plant. They came from those silly $1 Target kits that give you a tiny pot and a peat pellet. Still, they're doing well, so I hope they actually produce something! If not, oh well, it was a cheap experiment and learning process.

Finally, here are the sunflowers that I started. The ones by the mailbox all got eaten, so I planted these. We'll probably keep these in the backyard, and transplant them once they're strong enough to survive any more squirrel attacks. They're supposed to grow up to 10 feet tall! Truly mammoth sunflowers. Also, when I checked on the one that hadn't sprouted, it was just below the surface. I think it's alive, and just a late bloomer.

I'm already making plans for next year. I would like to plant a raised bed garden on the ground (maybe where some trees used to be?) and use the planter box for herbs. I went to Home Depot and got myself some basil, rosemary, and lemon thyme. They're on my balcony in the cute metal bucket that Sheila gave Chris as a housewarming gift. When I move out of the apartment, they'll probably get put in individual pots on the windowsill or something. Now I can make fresh caprese salad: sliced tomato, sliced fresh mozzarella, and whole fresh basil leaves, drizzled with balsamic vinegar and/or olive oil . Yum!

I leave you with this delicious image. Someday, I will make it with my own tomatoes, too. Eeee!

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