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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Bathroom Demo!

This weekend was exciting. On Saturday we participated in the Muddy Buddy bike/run adventure race (mountain biking and trail running with obstacles in between). Then on Sunday we started tearing out the master bathroom. We need to get it to a point where we can rough in the new plumbing next weekend. There are so many interesting things behind those walls!

First, some Muddy Buddy shots:

Okay! Here are a few refresher "before" pics: 

The lines are for where the new tub will come out to (36" or 42"). We decided to go for the 36" so the room wouldn't feel too cramped (it's only 8' from the window to the door). That's still a lot bigger than the current 29" tub, though. 

So I didn't get a pic of the assembled vanity, but all we've done here is take the top off. Wait until you see what we found when we pulled the sink drain pipe away (prepare to be grossed out).

Ewwwww so nasty. I wouldn't touch it, even though I had gloves on. Sorry, I'm a wimp sometimes. Mud? Ok, awesome! Who knows how many years' worth of someone else's hair? No thanks.

More images of destruction... Sawzalls (sp?)are awesome. We did save the plywood for more garage storage projects. The blue tape circle is where the new toilet is going to go. And since these pictures are small, just click to enlarge.

At last, the vanity was no more. There was so much more space! Next it was time to take out the drywall to see what kind of plumbing we're dealing with. We can already see that there was a cutout for the washing machine (this half used to be the laundry room). There's a dryer vent on the brick outside, too. 

Ok. So we have a cast iron vent more than 36" from the outside wall. Crap. 

Ooh, it gets better! There are 2 T's that we don't need going to the old toilet and sink faucet. That complicates things, if we were to salvage the vent, which we can't really do anyway. 

Other bonus surprises: old clothing (a rat's nest?), a photo from 2005 of some guy sticking his head into a stuffed alligator in some tourist shop, severe sub-floor damage, and our old friend mold. Good thing all of that is coming out, probably down to the floor joists. 

After we had cleared the dividing wall to our satisfaction, Chris took out the area behind where the vanity and toilet will go. Behind this wall is the central hallway. Fortunately, it was nice and clean with no pipes, ducts, or wiring. The studs are close together, but that's because the old vanity area used to be the laundry room, and the awkward middle wall went all the way across to this hallway. 

So, I think that's where we left off. It was fun, and gross, and now we have to put it all back together again. That's ok, it'll look great when we're done. And we still have one functioning bathroom. Hooray! 

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