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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Water Heater

The water heater in the house was a gas water heater from 1996. I believe it was a 40 gallon model with an 8 year warranty.

There were several reasons we wanted to remove this older water heater. Three years from now, when we look to sell, a new water heater will be more attractive. Another reason is that gas prices are extremely high in the area. The biggest reason is the size of the laundry room. This water heater was located in the corner of the laundry room, but even with the stacked washer and dryer Annie found, there would not be enough space with the water heater in the way.

Unfortunately, we scheduled the replacement during graduation weekend. That wasn't the best idea, but oh well. The following picture shows the water heater removed with the new washer box installed.

We decided to clean up the plumbing inside of the laundry room by adding the new washer box with a properly glued PVC drainage connection and I painstakingly removed all three copper lines in the wall without tearing out the previous sheet rock.

The next few images display the layout of the work that dad and I did under the house. The new water heater was being moved into the garage (directly to your left as you walk out of the house into the garage) and required new copper lines out to the garage. This first image shows the old lines still in place as well as a coat hanger acting as my wire fishing line for a 10-3 (3+ground for four prong) 25 ft roll of wire for the new dryer outlet.

The next image shows the new route for the hot and cold lines supplying and returning from the water heater. Instead of continuing at a diagonal to the laundry room area, dad used a pair of 90s to turn each of the lines towards the garage in line with the new water heater.

The following image details the location and route of the lines as they progress through the foundation joists.

The next picture shows where the lines come out of the crawl space and into the garage, directly behind the water heater.

The hot water line is attached to the water heater using a copper flex line. The picture also shows the electrical supply coming through the siding and the cold water ball valve setup.

This next image shows the pressure relief tank that we salvaged from the old system. These tanks are required by code in Cobb County.

We supported the pressure relief tank by using some plumbing strap mounted to the ceiling.

This last shot of the water heater is just to show the full setup. We installed a pan because we were concerned with the condensation from the concrete corroding the base of the heater.

I used a 7/8" wood bit to drill through the siding and the wall board to create a hole just below the panel. We installed a new double pole 30 amp breaker to supply the water heater. The previous water heater was gas-operated, so no previous breaker existed.

One thing that I was left with in the laundry room was the exhaust vent hole left by the gas water heater. I pulled off shingles around the vent, removed the vent, attached a 2x4 back-support board and then screwed a round piece of decking in place. I had just enough shingles left from the last job to recover the patch. I did the same process with sheet rock inside but we still have to finish mudding.

This last image shows the reconnection of the washer supply lines after removing the old connections with the water heater.

The final thing that I have to do is recover all of the lines with an insulating cover.

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