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Thanks for reading our silly little blog! As the disclaimer says, we aren't professionals in either blogging or house stuff, but we try. This is mostly to let our friends and family know what we've destroyed so far in the house. We post irregularly and usually forget to take pictures, so thanks for your patience, and please feel free to comment with your thoughts and suggestions!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Kitchen Demo

Annie and I have been working diligently on the kitchen and laundry room prior to my start date in June at Lockheed. The following picture is a reference picture of the original kitchen.

The original kitchen has dated cabinets, upper cabinets that are far too close to the counter top, too little counter space and an overall poor layout. Annie already posted on the renovation plans, so this post will cover the demolition and gutting of the kitchen. The next image was taken post door removal that Annie accomplished a few months ago.

About three weeks later, Logan and I dismantled the cabinet tops.

We actually repurposed most of the upper cabinets in small tool shed in the garage, illustrated in the next picture.

These cabinets have been great in expanding the storage of an already small tool shed. Repurposing them turned out to be a great investment of time. The next picture shows Logan picking out nails (what an excellent helper!).

This next shot is of the kitchen after Logan, Annie and I finished removing the tile and the upper cabinets. Getting closer...

I took a break for several weeks to finish up school and to tackle other house items, but I realized after graduation that there was not much time to finish the kitchen. I started into an aggressive demolition pace. This next shot shows all of the lowers except the sink removed.

The next was to remove the garbage disposal, shut off the water and solder caps on the sink lines. The next shot is a close up of the shoddy wiring and drainage work that supplied the disposal and dishwasher.

The next shot is of the kitchen after the sheet rock and tile has been removed. It took me about 45 minutes to pull all of the tile up and will take a couple of days to put it back down =(.

I busted out the cast iron vent with a hammer and pulled the vent through the roof. The next image shows the cast iron vent shattered to the floor. It also shows some of the new wiring work. I will have another post that focuses on the kitchen wiring and window replacement.

This last shot is of the roof patch.

My next post will cover the kitchen wiring work.


  1. Let me know how the tile removal went! I have to do that to my bathroom soon, think we're keeping the tile in the kitchen.

  2. The tile removal is super easy. I used a framing hammer and a pry bar. You place the flat end of the pry bar against the grout and hammer the other end to wedge it under the tile. Once you get the pry bar deep enough, you can just pry the entire tile up. For the starting tile, just break it up with a hammer.