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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Deck layout plans

I just whipped up this pretty picture for you all to see my grand plans for the deck.

We're bringing benches back to part of where they used to be. We're going to get a 11'-triangle sun shade (only $30, vs. > $100 for even a cheap umbrella). When they go on clearance at the end of summer, we'll get a deck box for storing outdoor stuff. Chris wants to get a nice little Weber grill, so we're watching Craigslist for those. The hammock and pergola thing is kind of far away now; obviously we'll have to get the inside of the house done before attempting that. The planter box is already built; I'll update on that later. It'll go off the deck, resting on pavers on the ground, but it will be close enough to the deck to work on it from there. It'll also serve as a barrier. The table we can make ourselves, just using pressure-treated lumber.

Top view:
Side view (looking to the left if you're standing by the door to the kitchen):
Side view (looking to the right):
Front view (looking out of the kitchen window or french doors):

Also, the colors shown here are probably what we'll end up using. They may or may not happen to be Georgia Tech colors...
Behr solid deck stain: $26/gallon (oof) but should cover the many imperfections of the aged wood. Beige-y color for the deck itself only
White paint for the benches
Navy blue paint for the planter
Maybe yellow paint for the table? Like a gold-beige maybe.

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