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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

New Kitchen Layout

For the past few weeks (ever since I was able to measure the kitchen), I've been wracking my brain trying to think of the best new layout for the kitchen - one that maximizes storage space, has high efficiency, keeps the all-important ~work triangle~, and of course will work for future buyers.

Soooo what was wrong with the old kitchen:

  • The cabinets (kinda obvious), especially the corner base cabinet that you couldn't access
  • The lack of a pantry (unless that closet across the hallway was the pantry)
  • The range positioned right next to the refrigerator
  • The lack of microwave or place for a microwave to go
  • The awkward open space next to the window to the living room
  • The cracked grout and the terrible, terrible cheapo ceramic tile where they didn't bother to rotate the pattern so you get 3 tiles in a row that are exactly the same and facing the exact same way
What we will fix with the new kitchen layout: 
  • Move the range so you can put a microwave above it and a vent to the outside
  • Move the sink to across from the range so you get a work triangle
  • Move the dishwasher with the sink, so it's across from where all the eating utensils will be stored
  • Add a high cabinet next to the fridge, so the cold food and the pantry food is all in one place
  • A corner base cabinet with a lazy susan built in (so that corner space is not wasted)
  • A pot rack above/in front of the window, so the light isn't blocked but we don't lose wall storage space
Here is my proposed new layout, with the prices of each stock cabinet piece included. I've also included the price of the side panels, but not trim pieces like what will frame the dishwasher. We'll need plywood or something and an oak end panel there to encase it. 

(click to enlarge)

The total price of cabinets comes out to $1500, plus stain, anything needed to assemble, faucets, sink, etc. etc. I'd also like to get a new fridge and we'll have to buy a microwave, and those aren't included in the cabinet cost. At least we'll take the fridge with us when we move, and we can sell the old one on craigslist. 

The ceilings are 8 feet high, so there will be a 1-foot gap above the cabinets. We can simply add some crown molding, and then put some cheap Ikea lights up there or something. I have yet to investigate that thoroughly, but I will. Don't worry. I <3 internet research. 

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