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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

New Bath Layout

Since I'm on a posting roll, here is the new bathroom layout for the "master" bath.

Current layout:

  • Wasted space where the hallway is
  • Ugly vanity
  • Awkward door opening into the vanity
  • Chipped cast-iron tub that's already been reglazed
  • Chipped toilet
  • Old ceiling leak that should be fixed (the ceiling; I think the leak is ok?) 
  • 24" doors 
New layout: 
  • Bigger soaker tub (the trendy spa feel without fancy/expensive whirlpools or anything)
  • Remove the extra wall and move the toilet to the corner
  • Put the vanity against the hall wall, next to the toilet
Because Chris and eventually Chris and I won't be using the door to the hall, we wanted to block it off and gain that extra wall space. Sheila said that was a bad idea for resale, but the instructor at my interior design workshop came up with the perfect solution. We can close and lock that door and put storage in front of it, and then remove that storage when we put the house on the market and replace it with a bookcase or something by the tub (between the master bedroom door and the tub wall). This way, Chris doesn't have to install a pocket door to save space, and we don't have to make any changes really to the existing doors. We can even fit the new tub in through the doors, as long as it goes straight in and we don't have to tilt it (the tub will probably be only 20" deep or so, tops). 

Anyway, without further ado, here is the proposed layout:

(click to enlarge)

I'll cover the color scheme, the wall decals, tile, and what we're planning to put in for the vanity and the storage dresser in a later post. 

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