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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Master bath design plan

I seriously need some more creative titles.

I've always been amazed that someone "flipped" our house but didn't do anything to the kitchen or what they call the master bath (except to poorly install cheap ceramic tile in the kitchen).  Traditionally, those are the two places where upgrades provide the most bang for your buck. Pretty much anything we do to either of those rooms will be an improvement. The flipper probably ran out of money; that's ok, because if we can redo the two spaces ourselves, we can really increase the value of the house for down the road.

I've gone over the kitchen layout and the bathroom layout, and the living room design, so here's the color scheme and furniture kinda thing I want to do with the master bath. As always, I will make sure Chris is ok with everything before subjecting him to pink walls or fuzzy comforters or whatever other awesome design ideas I come up with.
Adding an Elvis-style Jungle Room is an example of how to increase the value of your home, from an HGTV blog here: http://blog.hgtv.com/design/2009/04/01/how-to-add-value-to-your-home/
I think a lot of those are really sound ideas. :)


Just kidding. The master bedroom/master bath will have a contemporary, mostly masculine feel, with gray and blue colors, and dark "espresso"-stained woods. Here's a bathroom pic:

NATURLIG laundry basket (16 x 16 x 27) - $39.99
MOLGER mirror (or similar) painted black - $30ish
Target Braxton Trestle Desk in black - $149.99
Overstock.com Vitreous China vessel sink - $129.99
Target Midnight Wall Cabinet (black) - $69.99
West Elm Pleated-Top Cotton Shower Curtain in gray or cream – sale $34.99
Blik Anise wall decals - $65
Soaking tub: $400ish
Ikea KOMPLEMENT woven baskets

Annnnd there's a cabinet that I wanted to get for storage, since all we really have are the open shelves on the desk and maybe the wall cabinet. We're going to block the door to the hall with the cabinet, in order to make it accessible only by the master bedroom without walling it off permanently (it's all back to resale). The only thing is, the cabinet I like is expensive and chocolate brown, not black like the desk. I guess it's not as big a deal since it's not going to be permanent, but I am going to keep looking. But for now, here's the plan:

Ikea Bjursta glass-door cabinet in brown/black w/ frosted glass doors:

What's great about this is that it's narrow and shallow enough to fit in the space in front of the door, and it will provide tons of storage without seeming too heavy (because of the glass doors, which are conveniently frosted so they'll still hide our stuff).

Width: 31 1/2 "
Depth: 15 3/4 "
Height: 74 3/4 "

So I think I'll go to Ikea today, replace the glass I broke in the dishwasher, and scout for cheaper options.

Edit: Ikea is a zoo. I hate going there on Saturdays. Also, the showroom is under renovation. With so many people struggling to find their way through, it was a confusing maze (more so than usual). I couldn't find the cabinet so I just picked up the broken glass (after freaking out that they discontinued it, but then I found it), some candles, a tray, and a really pretty turquoise blue glass bowl. Isn't turquoise the color of the year? Why yes, it is.

Anyway, I was on the way to checkout (the lines were at least 20 people long each) and I FOUND IT!!! The expensive cabinet, that is. It is actually perfect. The construction is still cheapo particleboard, but at least it's ash veneer with lacquer instead of laminate (if it's not dark enough we could fix it). We'll need to seal it again for extra waterproofness, if we get it. The frosted glass hides stuff well, too; the doors are funky though because you have to press at the top of the door for the clicky mechanism to open the door. There's that skinny drawer, too; I envision jewelry storage or something there, because there will be a medicine cabinet for toothpaste and deodorant and stuff. 

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