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Sunday, March 7, 2010

The House: as we purchased it

These pictures were taken during the home inspection, just after it snowed 1 - 3". They are a quick tour of the house. A floor plan is coming soon! In the meantime, click on a picture to see the high-res version.
That guy on the right is Mike Frank. He was our inspector, and was incredibly helpful. His wife and I took measurements and checked the outlets inside while Chris followed him all over the house, crawl space, and attic. 

The view of one side of the living room, from the  front door. There's a coat closet, and on the right is the hallway leading to the bedrooms.

Here's the door again. There are two of these big windows along this wall. The room is 26 feet wide and 15 feet from the front door to the kitchen/breakfast area.

The ceiling fan is pretty nice; it'll probably stay. The blinds throughout the house are also very nice.

This bathroom is right off the living room. Weird place, huh? They probably added it as an afterthought. Anyway, it's been renovated fairly recently; the tub is nice, the tile is new, and the yellow tile isn't too bad. Unfortunately, it doesn't reach all the way up to the shower faucet. 

So that bathroom is right on the other side of this wall. The breakfast area has 2 french doors leading to the patio, and a big opening to the living room. 

Turning around, we see the kitchen. Original cabinetry, but relatively new appliances. There is a window cutout to the living room, as well as a door to the hallway. There is a linen closet opposite that doorway which must have been the pantry. The cabinets go all the way from 12" above the countertops to the 8' ceiling. The hardware isn't too bad, but they need to be torn out. The appliance placement is funky too; we'll fix that :)

There is no microwave; just a vent hood that probably goes nowhere. They painted the corner cabinet there black. The tiny door to the left of the sink opens to that huge back area, which is totally wasted space. We'll fix that too. 

The sink is decent; it's standard, but a bit banged up. We'll keep the garbage disposal. The faucet is currently broken. The countertop has holes in the laminate to the left of the sink, too. The window doesn't function. Lots of work to do!

We move on down the hall to the bedrooms/bathrooms. The bedrooms are nothing special... 1 or 2 windows, hardwood floors, tiny closets. This is the bathroom in the hall. It was probably expanded; that's the only way the funky layout could have been spawned. Anyway, here is the toilet and cast iron tub, in all its almond glory. The tub has been reglazed, but is chipping around the drain. The toilet can probably be saved? I'm not an expert here. Also the tile drives me nuts. Hexagonal is ok, but this does not have equal sides! It's a squashed hexagon! And many are chipped or cracked, the grout is dirty... yuck. 

This doorway is next to the toilet. It leads to the vanity and the door to the master bedroom. It's basically wasted space. Also, the wall that houses the plumbing is 8" thick! It's funky. 
By the way, the total bathroom dimensions are 8' deep (door to tub wall) and 9.5' wide (from behind the camera to the wall in front of us)

Here's that vanity. Note the 24" door that barely clears, the mirror that is not actually mounted to the wall, and the awkward spacing all around. That sucker is so gone. 

So that's the quick preview of what we're dealing with! There will certainly be more close-ups as we do work in each area. For example, see Chris' post about gutters above, and then mine about cabinet stain colors. 

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