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Monday, March 29, 2010

Garage Door Tension

One of the small tasks that dad wanted to address while he was there was adding tension to the garage door assist springs. *Caution* - this is actually a fairly dangerous task and can land you with a broken arm/wrist if you aren't careful.

We started by cutting some handles out of rebar and using the cut-off saw to shape down the tip so that it would fit into the holes located at the end of the spring. The shaping was similar to how you would carve a pencil.

In the picture above, dad is using the cut-off saw to narrow the tip of the rebar. The following picture shows dad using the rebar to hold tension on the spring while he loosens the set-screw that holds the spring to the central shaft attached to the door.

The objective is to loosen the set-screw, twist the spring clockwise as far as you can, tighten the set-screw, move the rebar to the next hole and repeat. We didn't get it quite tight enough, but we will probably fix it the next time dad drops by. The whole operation takes less than 30 minutes. According to my inspector, you can have this done for less than $50 and avoid the risk of hurting yourself.

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