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Sunday, March 7, 2010

First weekend of work - a window into a world of endless to-do lists

We signed on Friday afternoon at 4 p.m. in northern Kennesaw. This followed a morning full of wiring large amounts of funds from my two bank accounts, but $44 dollars in fees and 3 hours later, most of my mutual fund money originally purposed for school was in some bank account in Alabama.

The drive to Kennesaw was painful; our first real look at Friday afternoon rush. Fortunately, our turn off is way before the one we needed to take to get to the law office. We were about 20 minutes late due to traffic, but everything went smoothly. Thirty "some-odd" signatures later, I owned my own home (or at least 1/5 of it) and the bank madness was over.

I started working on the gutter in the front left corner of the house due to it leaking and causing rot of floor joists and studs. The down spout was the major problem area. I am not sure if it was leaking because they didn't seal it properly, the elbows were connected backwards or it had just prematurely failed.

One difficulty in properly repairing the down spout was the fact that the front of the house has siding for the top third and brick for the bottom two thirds. There is a ledge created by bricks laid normal to the wall, forced the downspout to route away from the wall and back against the brick.

The image above shows my attempt at a solution to address the ledge. Originally, there were three elbows at this junction, acting a excellent place to catch debris. I am also worried about this plastic elbow catching debris, but I will be installing screens in all of the gutter connections. The advantage to the plastic elbow was that it allowed me to easily transition from running along the brick to running flush along the wood siding. I was then able to strap to the siding. Originally, the only strapping was on the brick, so this allowed for better support. This last picture shows the finished project minus the paint. I will paint it when the weather warms up and the rain goes away.
Finally, Annie spent her time removing the glass door that was a secondary exterior door to the front door. She also removed the handles on the cabinets and plans to remove the doors and hinges from the kitchen cabinets on the next trip. I walked around and noticed the immense number of items that will need my attention in the coming months. The size of the pine trees in the backyard is daunting. I will probably be removing a lot of them to bring in deciduous shade trees, but the details on that planning will probably arrive in May.

I think I will now get some rest and go back to my weekly grind. Next weekend will include opening up the walls where the rot has occurred and take note of the tasks that dad and I will have to tackle over my spring break. Oh boy! Annie probably already beat me on the first post, so I think I will go to bed.

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